Surrey Family Mediation help separating and separated families to reach agreements about children and/or finances so that they don’t have to go to the Family Court.

Family mediation is cheaper, quicker and less stressful than litigation or court proceedings.

A mediated separation or divorce agreement is more likely to be adhered to than an order imposed by a court. It can restore peace and help achieve post-separation harmony.

We can help you with:

·child inclusive mediation

·family mediation

·online mediation

·mediation in Surrey in person

·divorce mediation

How mediation can help you:

· Provides a safe environment for you and your ex-partner to look at issues regarding your separation.
· Gives you impartial information.
· Informs you of your choices and their pros and cons.
· Gives you general information about the law and the process of getting divorced.
· Keeps emotions in check to reduce hostility during discussions.
· Records what is agreed during mediation sessions.
· Signposts you to other professionals if necessary.


· Mediators can’t tell you what to do.
· Mediators can’t make decisions for you.
· Mediation is not reconciliation, therapy or marriage counselling.
· Mediators can’t force couples to come to mediation.
· Mediation is not a miracle cure for all post-marital arguments.
· Mediators can’t give you advice on legal, financial, pension or benefit matters.

Daniel Bester

Daniel Bester has a Social Sciences Degree from the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa.

After three years as a Social Worker, Daniel worked at the Office of the Family Advocate in Johannesburg (the South African equivalent of CAFCASS) for a further two years. After coming to the UK Daniel was a Social Worker at Surrey County Council.

During 2019 Daniel Bester completed the Family Mediators Association’s Family Mediation foundation course. Later that year he set up Surrey Family Mediation. Daniel now has full accreditation with the Family Mediation Council and the College of Mediators.

Daniel also works with other mediators in his and other practices and often co-mediates with legally trained mediators.

Daniel specialises in helping parents and children with their living and contact arrangements. He also offers child-inclusive mediation.

Daniel works from a home office between Woking and West Byfleet in Surrey and can also mediate online.

FMC Accreditation Logo
Daniel Bester is accredited with the Family Mediation Council

“As a child protection officer. I have nothing but praise for this mediator. Daniel has a calming affect and sorts out the issues effectively and fairly. He is experienced and not afraid what is in the best interest of the child or children”

Gethin, Guildford, Surrey

“Daniel put me at ease, and walked me through the process. He gave a calming aura and kept this on point. A very professional service. ”

Mark, Woking, Surrey

“I would like to thank you for being so supportive and caring in my time of need when I was so vulnerable. I remember my first phone call with you. I was so broken and lost, I probably said the same things so many times. Yet, you were so patient and listened to everything I said with empathy and gave me clear options and instructions. At the same time, the professional way you conducted yourself gave me confidence and hope. You helped me understand where I stand and the pros and cons of all the different options. You also gave me ample time to think things through and make decisions. I’m also very grateful that you were very sensitive to my financial issues and found the best way to help me through the process. The communication was excellent. If I emailed or texted a query, you always got back almost instantly, which really helped me deal with my anxiety too. Thank you very much for your timely help, guidance and care.” 

Lydia, Frimley, Surrey

“On my arrival at the location, I was welcomed with respect. I was made to feel my voice was heard. My concerns were listened to and were noted. My mediator supported me for the entire meeting. I definitely would recommend this service. A HUGE thank you for every help and support that you have provided. Stay blessed.”

Mohammed, Woking, Surrey

I can’t thank you enough Daniel, that was very mentally and emotionally draining! But I think it went really well! A very good outcome for both parties and ultimately the children! Thank you. “

Dan, Torquay, Devon

“Daniel took the time to put me in touch with someone who could cover the area of mediation that I needed. Very polite and understanding and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you “

Samuel, Epsom, Surrey

“Many thanks for your email and for all your advice. I can wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who is looking to you to mediate for them. I have to say that out of the places that I called when enquiring about mediation, you Daniel were the most approachable, positive responsive, supportive and kind that I spoke to. We thank you for everything that you tried to do for us and shall never forget how you tried…people like you are unique in this world.”

Claire, Byfleet, Surrey

This was the best service I had. I got my service done successfully. Daniel was the most kind and peaceful person I met when I most needed it and he helped me a lot. I really recommend this company!”

Ana, Woking, Surrey

“Thank you for your speedy turnaround. And for being so kind when we spoke. ”

Anya, Esher, Surrey

“Thank you for listening to me. Talking to you helped me calm my nerves. Thank you for being patient during our conversations. I recommend Dan for his mediation services.”

Jyoti, Camberley, Surrey

“I just wanted to give you a follow up. I’ve seen the children several times now ..things seem to be going brilliant!”

Dan, Torquay, Devon

If you would like to find out how we can help you, please use our Contact Form or call us on 01483 363181
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