If you can’t come to a financial arrangement between yourselves the court will ask you to fill out Form E to establish your financial situation so they can make a financial order.
If you come for mediation, we will send you a Financial Booklet in Word format. This user-friendly document is based on Form E and is used to do financial mediation.
See the AdviceNow film about How to Fill in your Financial Statement (Form E).
Download AdviceNow’s Survival Guide to Sorting Out your Finances when you get Divorced for easy-to-understand practical guidance on financial matters when getting divorced.
Watch this video on pensions.
See the Money Helper for practical information on how to manage your money and divide your assets when going through divorce or separation.
Also see the Judiciary's Sorting out Finances on Divorce.
If one half of a separating or divorcing couple is much better off financially than the other, the less well off spouse may be able to secure an order against their partner to cover legal fees.
If certain criteria are met, some organisations and charities may be able to provide funding for legal fees. Turn2us or The Law Centres Network may be able to help.
If you expect a good divorce settlement you may negotiate a Sears Tooth agreement with your solicitor.
The solicitor and their client agree that an appropriate amount of the client’s final divorce settlement is provided to the solicitor to meet the fees.
This needs to be disclosed to the court. However not all solicitors offer this service.
Often the most valuable marital assets are a couple’s pension funds. Download AdviceNow’s Survival Guide to Pensions on Divorce for easy- to-understand, practical information about pensions and divorce.
See the government's Understanding Universal Credit website for information and guidance on how low income and unemployed people can apply for Universal Credit (UC).
If you are in financial need, you can contact the charity Turn2us for help to gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help.
The National Debtline and Step Change are charities that give free, independent debt advice on the phone and online.
Use the Government Maintenance Calculator to find out how much maintenance should be paid.
If one half of a separating couple wants to keep living in a mortgaged property after divorce, they may have to re-mortgage.
Your bank or building society may have deals on offer.
Moneyfacts can give you a general idea of the deals available on a given day. You can set it to show lists by criteria, such as the interest rate.
The Times Money Mentor can give you an idea of best mortgage rates on the day.
A good, regulated mortgage broker can help you find the best deal. But most charge a fee. You may not always get a better rate, it could be about getting service.
Trinity Financial can inform you about deals available to non-brokers.
Habito and L&C does not charge broker fees.
The Mortgage Advice Bureau let customers choose if they pay a fee.