After separation your child or children will need both parents to be actively involved and interested. If you can’t be there all the time think about letters, Skype, phone calls, send photos and ask questions.

Both parents should be involved in the education of the children regarding school plays and parents evenings.

Reassure your child or children that they are important to you as it is the most important thing.

Never criticise the other parent or argue in front of your children. Only say nice things about the other parent – think how you would feel if the other parent criticised you to your child.

Support them spending time with the other parent and let them have a good time – you don’t want them to feel guilty about loving their mother/ father.

Communicate directly with the other parent do not use your children as messengers.

Try to create a home which is comfortable, loving and welcoming to them.

Share birthdays and Christmases (and other important days) without acrimony. Think about what will work best for your children even if it means you making a sacrifice.

If possible, work towards being able to be in the same room as your ex and even share family time with your ex and the children. For example outings, meals and even a cup of tea will give your children the message that you can focus on them.

Sit your children down occasionally and ask them how it is going and if you could do better. Be willing to hear the answer and act on it.

Children want both their parents in their lives – they are going to have big challenges ahead and they need to be able to count on you both.